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Experience the beauty & royalty of Taj Mahal, with our array of Marble Inlay Handicrafts. Semi-precious stones Inlaid to perfection by the magical hands of adroit artisans. It will add beauty and elegance to your interior decor. We are manufacturers, exporters and wholesale suppliers of marble inlay table tops, tiles, borders and stairs. Stunning collection of Pietra Dura Handicrafts from India.

Marble Inlay Handicrafts, Exporters & manufacturers From India.
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"Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of world. It's known for exceptional inlay work and architecture. Monarch Crafts presents, the wonders of same inlay work for your interiors. We capture the beauty of Taj Mahal as inlay designs on White Makrana Marble & Kudappa Black stone to guard the royalty of the Great Mughal's era.

Inlay is one of the most intricate and complicated arts. It is originated in Florence, Italy in 16th century known as Pietra Dura. It was introduced in India in 17th century by the Mughals. The art of inlay is called "Parchin Kari".

We have an imperial collection of Marble Inlay Table Tops, Tiles, Floorings, Stairs, Borders & Panels etc. Add a new color to your home decor with these mesmerizing and colorful floral pattern exquisitely inlaid on White Marble & Kudappa Black Stone and win all-round enthusiastic response from your guests.

Our designs are inspired with some of world known monuments, buildings and churches. We are also creating sceneries in INLAY which show the scene of Hindu and Christian mythology as well as ancient European culture.

The most important fact about our art, till now we are using the same kind of tools as used in 16th & 17th century for this work. Also using the same sort of stones, which are not only genuine but they give real look of past era.

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Handcrafted Inlay Tables Tops. Handmade Artistic Flooring. Marble Inlay Tiles. Marble Floor Borders. Artistic Inlaid Marble Stairs. Marble's Inlay Panels.

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Tabletops :

Our tabletops collection contains round, rectangular, oval, square and octagonal shapes of table's tops. We normally use Makrana Marble as white base and Kudappa Stone as black base. Other bases can be applied according to buyer's requirement. We use more then 30 types of natural stones & semi-precious stones to make the inlay designs look more natural and mesmerizing. Our inlaid marble tables tops can be used in...

  • Dining Tables
  • Conference Tables
  • Center Tables

  • Side Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • Counter Tables

Tiles / Floorings :

We have a team of master craftsmen of Inlay Work, they are capable to implement the inlay art into thin bases for tiles and floorings. Either it's Hotel, Corporate Office, Home, Bungalow, Malls or any commercial location, whatever is your project Now you can give an artistic and royal touch to the floor. Indeed we add beauty to the stones.

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  • Export quality Tiles
  • Marble Inlay Floorings
  • Inlaid Floor Center
  • Manufacturers of Marble Inlay Floorings

Borders :

Marble's inlaid borders are very popular around the world, they are economic and can be applied on large scale projects. So don't wait more and implement these fantastic borders in your flooring projects. Feel exclusive touch of beautiful Taj Mahal with these borders.

  • Marble Inlay Borders
  • Artistic Inlay Borders
  • Export quality Borders
  • Floor Borders
  • Wall's borders
  • Manufacturers of Marble Inlay Borders

Panels :

Give an outstanding & imperial look to your walls, lobbies, galleries etc. Exclusive collection of panels, adorned by royal mughal's art of inlay work. White makrana marbles & Black Kudappa Stone's basis are decorated by many naturals stones and semi precious stones. Available in customized sizes too.

  • Marble Inlay Panels
  • Artistic Inlay Panels
  • Export quality Borders
  • Wall Hangings
  • Wall's panels
  • Manufacturers of Marble Inlay Panels.